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The Team

Project Managers

nomak (Jason Bugiada)
IcyLiquid (Tim Gunter)


SwitchDragon (Jordan "tommy" Connors)

Public Relations

Satanette (Julianne Davies)


Enterprise (Brian Bartley)
pengy (Emma)


fr0zen (Devin)
Zmodem (Justin)


Well what is there to tell about me?
My name is Julianne and people call me Jules or Juju amongst other things;] I am engaged to Jordan and have been for over four years now and he is also a member of Project Focus. I'm just here to make the team look good!

I am 31 years old and live in Cardiff, Wales with a houseful of pets consisting of 2 Cavalier King Charles spaniels named Charlie and Oscar, a cat called Lulu a macaw called Peg an African Grey called Isabelle and a budgerigar called Tom ;) and then I have tropical fish, they all have names but I wont list them all here. oops almost forgot my rabbits, I hav 4 rabbits too heheh.

I'm Weltalian - that is half Welsh and half Italian, my mother is from Florence in Italy and my Father is from Pembrokeshire, Wales.

My family consist of my parents, I have two older brothers David and Iain and a twin brother John who we call Johnno. Also have my grandparents consisting of Nonno and Pops and Uncles and Aunts. I also have the most wonderful little person in the world in my life, her name is Nicola and we call her Nikki, she is my twin brother's daughter :) She is a mini juju, so much like me it is unbelievable and I love her to death ;)

I work as a Team Manager at the local university and also lecture part time. Nothing spectacular, just CLAIT and ECDL Advanced (office packages basically)

Here's some more about me... I'm a Capricorn and that apparently makes me...practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful and humorous and reserved but on the dark side it also makes me pessimistic and fatalistic along with miserly and grudging so hmmmm. :)

My pet hates are guys leaving the toilet seat up!!! , male drivers, liars, sarcasm - yes I can be sarcastic I know but only in fun. Also hate fresh tomatoes, ironing and well I think that's about it! Oh and I recently gave up eating pork so I hate that too!
I love chocolate... yummy, cheese (not together), pasta, reading, and the colour pink!! happy hardcore music and spending time with people I love ;)
More to come when I think about it ;)