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Old News

New Website Design October 24th, 2005 / IcyLiquid

I have redesigned the website with new colors and more features. Now you can visit other sections and view information about the team. Coming Soon is a screenshots section where you will be able to see our progress.

Keyed October 20th, 2005 / IcyLiquid

We have set the channel '+k focus-dev' because people unrelated to the project keep slipping in and out. Very annoying and disrupting!

Project launched October 19th, 2005 / IcyLiquid

We added several new members to the team!

Enterprise and pengy will be handling a lot of the end-user testing as well as fielding quality assurance questions from us.

Satanette has joined the project as Public Relations officer and is also in charge of news and documentation. She is on the forums and ready to answer questions!

SwitchDragon is back with the program and will be helping with development as well as being another source of neurons during our brainstorming sessions.