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About Us

A general purpose 'full script' for mIRC 6.x, Project Focus aims to appeal to a wide spectrum of users with its clean design philosophy and modular construction. The name speaks volumes about our design intentions: Keep it simple, keep it relevant.

Contact Us

We have an IRC channel on the Undernet IRC Network ( called #focus. The key is 'focus-dev'.


Project Focus is built using the following technologies:

Latest News

New Website Design October 24th, 2005 / IcyLiquid

I have redesigned the website with new colors and more features. Now you can visit other sections and view information about the team. Coming Soon is a screenshots section where you will be able to see our progress.

Keyed October 20th, 2005 / IcyLiquid

We have set the channel '+k focus-dev' because people unrelated to the project keep slipping in and out. Very annoying and disrupting!